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Dr. Tawanda Wallace
Pastoral Counselor and Chaplin
Indianapolis, IN

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My Story

The Reverend Dr. Tawanda Kay Wallace is making significant strides in the field of trauma healing and spiritual care. With a background in chaplaincy and a deep commitment to addressing trauma within faith communities, Rev. Wallace’s research aims to shed light on the intersection of spirituality, trauma, and healing.

Informed by her current roles as a Trauma NICU/Adult ED Staff Chaplain at Ascension St. Vincent and an ordained minister, Wallace’s doctoral dissertation focuses on exploring how a person’s spiritual development shapes their response to emergency medical trauma in the context of hospital chaplaincy. Wallace is particularly interested in understanding the roles of spirituality and psychosocial factors in trauma, as well as the effects of trauma and responses to trauma on individuals’ recovery and healing. Her research is not limited to clinical applications; she also pays close attention to practical applications in the ways faith communities can amplify healing.

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