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The Bible Is Black History



"The Bible is Black History - ABCs" teaches children the alphabet using the heroes and heroines of the Bible.  The Bible characters, A through Z, are colorful and  beautifully depicted with more historical accuracy than traditional biblical images.

TBIBH Children's Activity Book

"The Bible is Black History-Children's Activity Book" is a great supplement to The Children's Edition of The Bible is Black History.  First Grades through Fifth Graders will spend hours working through "The Bible Is Black History-Children's Activity Book learning about biblical characters and their stories.  Great for Family Game Night, the whole family will enjoy pages of crossword puzzles, mazes, word searches, coloring and more.

"The Bible is Black History-Children's Edition" tells biblical stories using more historically accurate depictions of Bible characters.  This book intends to highlight the association between Bible stories and their black characters for young readers.  "The Bible is Black History-Children's Edition", also, seeks to begin the mitigation process of the century's old whitewashing of biblical heroes and heroines, and to expose children of African descent to a more authentic rendition of biblical depictions.  It is empowering for young children to read the biblical story and see themselves as a part of its powerful narrative.

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