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Pastor Clyde Posley, Ph.D.
Pastor, Antioch Fountain of Grace Church
Indianapolis, IN

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My Story

Dr. Posley earned a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, OH, with concentrations in Humanities and Cultural Studies and an M.L. King Scholarship. His 2015 dissertation is entitled The Embodiment of the Black Male student-athlete: A Case Study of the 1968 Medal Stand Protest. He was later awarded an Honorary Doctorate in the field of Social Justice from Habakkuk Bible College.

Dr. Posley also serves as the first civilian Chairman of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Civilian/ Police lead General Orders Board and in conjunction with Faith in Indiana and A.C.T. Indy. Dr. Posley has been instrumental in healing divides between law enforcement and citizenry, particularly within Gun Violence intervention and Police action transparency. He has worked to establish significant changes related to gun violence intervention throughout the state and abuse of force policy changes for central Indiana. He has also worked to bring policy changes designed to promote better community harmony between the Indianapolis policing policies and citizen relationships.
Dr. Posley is the Senior Pastor of the Antioch Fountain of Grace Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN, and has served in this role for 25 years.

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