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This book highlights the contributions to Salvation history made by such young heroes as Samuel, David, Jeremiah, The Hebrew Boys, The Boy Jesus, Timothy and Titus.  These biblical superstars’ lives and ministries etched such a profound mark upon the pages of Holy Writ, without which the Bible would be incomplete.  It is believed that Samuel was as young as twelve years old when he uttered his first prophecies to his beloved mentor, Eli.  David was just a teenager when he defeated Goliath, the giant champion of the Philistine army.  Some rabbinical sources suggest that Jeremiah was no more than seventeen years old when he began his prophetic ministry, and there is overwhelming historical evidence that the Hebrew boys were still in their teens when they took a stand for their faith in the face of a fiery furnace.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ, amazed the teachers of the Law in the temple at twelve years old, and Timothy and Titus were very young men, perhaps teenagers, when they became apostle Paul’s protégés, joining him on his missionary journeys. 


This work seeks to understand these young heroes from the vantage point of their historical contexts. In so doing, we have a better appreciation of how their political, economic, religious and social realities influenced their messages and missions.  Young Heroes of the Bible: Contemporary Conversations presents their stories in a way that parallels the stories of young Black men in America. 


At the end of each chapter are reflection questions designed to stimulate group discussions or, if reading for personal devotion, questions that may arouse deep self-reflection.  The beautiful, physical depictions of these heroes, according to the author’s understanding of the historical images of the people of the Bible, make Young Heroes of the Bible: Contemporary Conversations a must have and perfect complement to Great Women of the Bible: Contemporary Conversations.

Digital Version: Young Heroes of the Bible: Contemporary Conversations

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